My name is Udoka and I am not a terrorist

  • :) Remember the movie; my name is Khan?
My name is Khan

Its been too long since I published anything. Procrastination, they say is the thief of time but I would like to add that it steals your purpose too, so I beg you to please be conscious not to let it creep into your life.

I would like to share a bit of myself with you, I wrote this a while back actually, I hope you get to know me better and equally get entertained.

My name is Obigbor Udoka Peace (Its actually Udokama but Udoka is what’s on my birth certificate). Udoka means Peace, so you can say my Name is Obigbor Udoka Udoka, I kinda named myself “Peace” because my classmates thought messing with my name was funny, I couldn’t stand it so I asked them to call me Peace.

I am the 2nd of 5 and my position has taught me how to be patient and more understanding of other people’s temperament.

I am a Christian. I love God and I am still on the path of growth and getting to know him more.

I am a music lover, there’s always that song or lyrics that appeals to my every mood.

I am a Biochemist *on paper*, I am a Broadcaster *at heart* . I have actually learnt that I can be anything I choose to be basically.

I love to talk. I decide this was all I really wanted to do when I started listening to Freeze and Ik when I was still in junior secondary school.

I am shy as in “SHY”. But no one ever believes me. 😣

I am deeply emotional, a lurvy – durvy, I love weddings and I cry at almost every one I attend, I guess I would be needing a bucket nearby at my own. I also cry over novels, movies just name it.

Lurvy durvy

To be continued…

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  1. Blackgold (@Blackgold)

    Udoka is a crying baby and not a terrorist.

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