Let’s Break The Ice

Let’s break the ice
That freezes us cold
And makes strangers of us.

Let’s break the ice
That threatens to break us
As the iceberg did the Titanic.

Let’s break the ice
And use on our swollen broken ego
That our friendship won’t be ago.

Let’s break the ice,
Ice of formality and distrust,
Ice of aloofness and malice.

Let this wall of ice fall
Like that of Jericho Wall.

Let this wall vapourize to thin air
That I can play with your hair.

I had abused you, hurt you,
Cheated on you, betrayed friendship.
I know we just met.

Beautiful we will be thrice,
Only if you let’s break the ice.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Break The Ice” by Aluko Remilekun Tosin (@Simplyremmy)

  1. Jaynipha (@S@pph007)

    ‘Beautiful we will be thrice,
    only if you let’s break the ice’
    nice line…keep it up

    1. Thanks for the nice comment

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