As he knelt before the Altar
Feeling like Judas Iscariot
His thoughts wandering…
His mind pondering…
His head wondering…

Immersed in reminiscences
It came like vivid pictures
Showing on a Cinema Screen
All his promises resounding
Reverberating in his head

He tried to keep his pact
She came unannounced to him
Luscious and Seductive in looks
His fantasy fairy became real
When he has given up on her

How could he resist her?
With age-long hunger within
Suppressed for far-too-long
Erupting like a Volcano
His feelings over-powered him

He who has fed his spirit
He who has starved his flesh
Fortified for challenges ahead
Became defenceless in a jiffy
What happened to his spirituality?

He ate his fairy’s Apple
Like Adam ate of Eve’s
Forgetting his vows to God
Now his conscience is alive
Judging him before the Altar.

Emeka Oji-Dike

One thought on “Irresistible” by Emeka Oji-Dike (@Mexy)

  1. Ewuola Michael (@ewuola)

    great poem. I enjoyed every bit. it’s very relatable, and we all once in a while find ourselves at that point where we forget all resolutions and vows. more ink to your poetic pen.

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