In A Bid To Change Their Destinies Ep2

“You dare not eat that food” Chike said raising his voice tensely
“And what will you do if I do? Tell mama and papa?” Wike replied mockisly. He didn’t care about any treats “anyways, the worst they can do is to flog poverty out of me but at least I would enjoy this one and gain energy of the beating.” He boasted and went to dip his hands into the food and excavated a handful of rice into his mouth filling it up as he grinded the grains. Chike watched with uttermost surprise, disappointment and disgust. He didn’t know how he was going to stop his twin elder brother from what he was thinking who put him in trouble, he knew he could not leave him alone there as mama would ask after him and would be annoyed they didn’t leave school together and also to avoid mama questioning why he didn’t arrive with him as she loved to she them do things together. He couldn’t leave him if he knew he wasn’t going to lie on behalf of Wike who was still unworriesomely consuming the content of the strange cooler.
Wike finally emptied the strange cooler of its content to the last grain and bone. Chike could not help himself to close his mouth as he has just seen another side of his twin brother. “Chai, Chike you don’t know what you missed” Wike said “the food sweet die, the cook should be given a noble peace award in cookery” he said stretching his body. Chike could not help himself but hiss “mtcheeew, I can’t believe you, you are so disgusting” he said and began to walk off just then he heard Wike scream “Yeeeeeeee”

What has happened to Wike??

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  1. You carried me along from the start. This is good. Please show me more….

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