In A Bid To Change Their Destinies Ep1


Once upon a long time, while Wike and Chike were on their way back from school, they found a cooler food right in the middle of the lonely path where they journied through. They were both schocked and puzzled as to whom it may belong to and why it was there. “Who could have this cooler of food?” Wike asked Chiked “I was about to ask you same just now” he replied.
“I smell something”
“I can smell something also” Wike said “but wait o, what are you smelling”
“I smell something fishy about this cooler of food placed neatly in the middle of this lonely path” Chike explained to the disappointment and bafflement of Wike “No, you aren’t smelling well because the only smell am perceiving is the aroma of Jollof rice with fried dried meat” Wike countered
“What! You can’t be serious”
“Why can’t I?”
“Don’t tell me you are already salivating on a food you don’t know where it originated from?” said Chike who was surprised at the thinking of his twin brother.
“Ah, leave that thing jare, I told you before we left school that I am seriously hungry and I could eat a mountain but you said we should go home quick”
“And is that why you would think of eating a strange food?” asked a worried Chike who knew what Wike was capable of doing as he was a glutton.
“Think? who is thinking? I have already made up my mind that am going to consume this food”
“Yes na, you want to waste God’s gift to us?”
“You and Who is us?”
“okay, you can remove yourself and keep hoping you would get home to meet garri and kulikuli that our parents can only afford to give us every afternoon.” Wike said as he sat on the dry muddy ground, pulled the cooler of food closer to himself and opened to reveal a full plate of Jollof rice and four big pieces of fried meat. He smiled selfishly.

Did he dare eat it?
What happened?
Find out in the next episode

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