Heaven’s Flood Gate

Heaven’s Flood Gate

It comes like a mighty rushing wind

The whole city is about to witness

A mighty rain is about to pour down

From heaven’s gate so reviving so refreshing

Heaven’s flood gate


There will be a moment of an unforgettable

As heartfelt praise and worship is raise high

So captivating in ushering the power of God

Into the presence of the Almighty

A day when heaven visited the earth


No one wants to be left out

Everyone is getting ready

Doing all what they can do

To make sure when heaven arrive

They will stand to receive it


Just a re-praise an orchard of praise

To usher in the awesome one erujeje

As abundance will flow from heaven to every quarters of the earth

No one will be left out in the touch of the Lord

As heaven’s flood gate is swing wide open


Lord rain down heaven

Rain down on us now

That the mountains might shake

As the heaven comes down

We have heard of your wonders your works and grace


We’re so desperate oh Lord

For you Lord to move in our days

As heaven visits the earth

Is of a sure thing that so much will happen

Heaven’s flood gate

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