Dangling Load

Dangling Load

These dangling issues ,
hanging precariously on the sky
if it falls,
you know we will all be struck-

Home, hamlet and abroad…

But you keep singing :

“If he wan fall make e fall,

If he wan break  make e break”

As if your mama’s lives in the abroad

As if you can swallow a bomb….

The blacksmith that keeps
striking on a spot
He’s not Don jazzy on the beat,

but all we have chosen to do
Is to dance

To the warning cries
Our chicks keep waddling, to
the squeaking of the hawk,

We don’t want to remember

the hit and run victim
will not be the one
to get the number encrypted on its

Fleeing back…

The heads on whose coconuts were broken,
I bet will never share from the spoils

So keep drumming your jingoism jargon
and keep stepping to your war tunes

I pray you’ll finish the ‘horrordley’
you ‘re excitedly relishing

With your white washed,

Cerebrumless skulls

Scraped and painted, by

These opportunitists vultures

Who fly away when the Baobab breaks.

But I know full well ,that

If you’re deaf to the signs in my gongs

You willn’t be blind to the havoc

And the rubbles of your huts.

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