Let Biafra rise, let them voice out
Let Boko Haram rage, let them raid the south
It wouldn’t matter how far or when
If our gods allow, then amen

Such deafening silence from Sango
Amadioha was on a long trip, a time ago
Oh deity our fathers once worshipped
Are you dead or are our sins heaped?

Amen, to the mother whose child is taken?
To the the fatherless whose heart is broken?
Amen, those who once had shelter
Now seeking refuge in holes and gutter?

Amen, to the innocent slain by ammunition?
To the wounded, the shattered beyond recognition?
Amen, to the raped, to the abused?
The body parts lost, the detained and bruised

Isles beyond this caos
The crossroad divide, the forces that unites us
If our deities be silent, the white man’s God should speak
Or if he is deaf, let the clock just tick

Amen, to the wrongs and rights interconnected
Amen to the faith that we can be corrected
Awake oh gods, save our children, men and women
To a hope of a better Nigeria, Amen!

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