A Little

A little here, a little there
Her glamorous eyes filled with fear
A nymph I can’t compare.
A little love, a little touch
She desires pleasure in a rush
Browbeaten by Fate’s clutch
She stays mute till lust flush.
A little care, a little comfort
She seeks love of some sort
Rare and pretty but life’s tough
She doubt beauty from night to dawn.
A little fear from different faces
She wish to be touched in sacred places
Love is harsh, love is racist
Sweet moments are hasty.
A little dream when time is dangling
She searches for her Prince Charming
Where is luck? What is happening?
Will beauty shine in this famine?
A little here, a little there
She thinks beauty doesn’t care
But you are no beast my dear
Do not mask your face like them
You are an angel so fair.

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