This is How I Am

…this is how i am…

It was on a cold wet Thursday,
Just after the rain brought vengeance to the day
With the crispness of skin rising like Voldemort’s
That i remembered me.

I remembered the life i waste at any chance i get,
Any chance, Any month,
The beginning of it, the end of it
Maybe mid month.

Those eggs that burst in anger
At a mother they won’t hug
With a volcano on the inside
Don’t mind them, that’s how they protest.

I, the bearer of kings, princes and queens
Struggle to mind the minions to waste
But warm pots and another wonder stick
Might birth the world infamous terrorist
Or one of the princes the earth needs.

Just know i didn’t ask to be
The murderer but mother of
These babies, who burst of expiration,
With less force from me.

Insanity won’t drive me to those wonder sticks.
The pressure is attractive
But the disgrace of the flowery night;
Forever the gist.

This is how life begins
The loss of one
The survival and gain of another
Yet, the vessel is unappreciated.


2 thoughts on “This is How I Am” by gee dee (@GoldDebbie)

  1. flori (@flori)

    Womanhood! Nice piece.

  2. Wow! That’s just the word this roused. Nicely worded to bring importance out of a seemingly natural, just another one of those woman thingy things.

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