“the Great Iroko”


I am but a seed
Of the great Iroko
Which stood tall
Amongst it’s Peers.

The Iroko whose branches
Were the resting place
Of tired and lost birds
Sheltering the tired Pilgrims

It’s roots spread deep
Rooted into the Earth’s crust
It’s leaves sending waves
Of fresh air to the breathless

Your kindness is infinite
Great Iroko !!! You standout !!!
You are but a reflection
Of a true model of humanity

You are the ROC(k)
Whose weathered particles
Form the sands of a Seashore
I am but a particle from you

Your magnanimity shouts
Tolling like the morning Church-bell
It’s sound reverberates across
Cultures, Villages, Towns and Cities

I am intimidated by your exploits
Your towering figure dwarfs me
Yet, I stand on your branch
Trying to perpetuate your growth

My only fear is time
For my tiny feet to grow
Filling your mighty shoes
For I am still your seed.

©Emeka Dike(29/7/2017)

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