The Found of Iragbiji

The town was found by a king hunter
Brave enough to kill elephant, lion, etc. on his own
He was the fear that feared the fearful
Animals in the fearful bush

On this day he found the town
His legs walked him for hunting
He reached a fearful bush
Where he chased a group of animals

Within a big hole, the animals hid
He lay on sage, till his gun drank red water
Sourced by animals,
Like well sources water
Probably, the wish to kill more animal
Bewitched him to build a hut

Beside a tree called Ira
His hut was built
As days embarked on unreturned journey
People came, settled with him.

The area was becoming a town
‘what name should this infant town
be christened
their heads could not think
yet the IRA tree kept spreading it hands
It spread it hands over the huts
And shaded (iji) them against the sun
The dwellers thought this IRA plus IJI
Yes, this infant town should
be Christened Iragbiji.

4 thoughts on “The Found of Iragbiji” by Afolabi Muideen (@AfolabiMuideen)

  1. Alade Abayomi Idris (@Aladeidris)


    1. Afolabi Muideen (@AfolabiMuideen)

      I am a native of Iragbiji. I am collecting the histories of towns for my historical write when i came across the history if my town. This is the real history. I am still on reteaching. Thank you for the comment.

    2. Afolabi Muideen (@AfolabiMuideen)

      I am one of the ground-son of late Chief Afolabi Yusuff, Areago of Iragbili land. I am still on researching. I am glad to know that you’re an indigene as I. I dwell in Osogbo. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Bookieboom (@Murphy)

    As an indigene of iragbiji I don’t think that is the story though…… Please let’s dig deep

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