My Reverie

My Reverie

I do not know when last i did this

when i wrote a line, a poem

just what my heart felt

sometimes its like i am  sucked in

i refuse to be tucked in

In this vehicle of life

its not my life

To want what they want

to admire what they admire

its not my desire to have all they try to acquire

its not my dream to mingle in banal existence

i would rather stare at the sea

watch the blue stretch out the sky its audience

i would rather watch the butterfly as it flaps over and above like a ballerina in mid-air

hopefully she will alight on my kneecap and stretch out her patterned wings in a smile

hopefully we will sit alone in this place

i staring, she staring as i behold those enchanting eyes in her wings

we will call it placid beauty

away from the world we are here.

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