Listen !!!

To the songs of the birds
To the swooshing of the wind
To the eerie cricket call at night
Listen !!!

When you wake up in the morning
To the silence of your heart
To your conscience before you act
Listen !!!

To the coldness of the weather
To the colors of the flowers
To the hazy morning dew
Listen !!!

To the fire ignited in you
To the rumbling of hunger
To the raging of your fury
Listen !!!

To the height of the Mountains
To the depth of the Oceans
To the steepness of the Valleys
Listen !!!

To the voice of the voiceless
To the cries of the needy
To the pleas of the oppressed
Listen !!!

To the voice within you
To the unseen spirits
To the desires of your heart
Listen !!!

To your clock of life
To the wisdom of the sages
To the call of your dreams
Listen !!!

To the call for peace
To the colors of the Rainbow
To the world around you
Listen !!!

To the call to serve
To the journey of destiny
To the greatness in you
Listen !!!

To the broken hearts
To the bereaved and the sick
To the call of justice
Listen !!!

To the joys of your life
To the virtue within you
To the lives in your care
To the Call of Nature
Listen !!!

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