Life Dramas

So much for rest. Phew!
Since I couldn’t leave school early because of transport fare, I had to hitch a ride back home. After weeks of being broke in school coming home was a relief. Supposed to be anyway. It is just that Momma wouldn’t let me be. Even though she isn’t around, her minions will do a thorough delivery of the Man of God’s message. The prophet! The man who has gotten his pegs so deep into my mother’s tent.
Truth be told, the house rang the man’s name like Belly, the call for prayers, from the moment I stepped into the confines of my room on arrival. My youngest sister, Kemi, known for her ability to always deliver- filling you in on- information you missed while in school.
‘Prophet John said my way is abroad’, she started. ‘He said to continue reading my books sha’.
Which callous person will disagree with a thirteen year old girl about what the prophecy or the prophet said? Even when the person knows this girl rarely reads, talk more of studying.
Don’t judge me. It is not like I am not a believer. I am one who has come out to accept Jesus, my Lord Jesus, my sweet Lord Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour. In fact, I now commune with the most High through Jesus Christ, His son or so I think.
‘Ken should stop comparing himself to other people’, Kemi broke into my thoughts.
‘What about Syl and Theo?’ I asked . ‘Did he say anything about them too?
Kemi response was lost on me. The girl’s talkativeness has gotten me knotted up now. Still thinking and praying it wouldn’t happen, she tweeted again.
Momma said you are following her to Prophet John’s after service on Sunday.
‘let’s wait and see na. Shebi it is if I agree to go or not. She can’t force me to do anything I don’t want to do’, I retorted.
Kemi shrugged and pursed her lips forwarding with the look of ‘you know momma can make you do and undo anything she wants’. Come Sunday, I know I will marched down to the prophet’s John presence.

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  1. I like the convo. But a little editing would have taken care of punctuations (just a few misses), and some tenses.
    So, I bet she went jejely with momma to the pastor’s!

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