Kim in the Garden of Eden (Flash fiction)

The Serpent slithered over to where Kim sat on a rock, naked, taking a selfie and preening herself.

“ Do you know why God forbade you from eating from the Tree of Knowledge?”, asked the snake.

“Because my bum will grow bigger?”, she shot back without even thinking.

“ No!”, hissed the snake,”…try again”.

She thought carefully for a few seconds,” I know…my husband will go mad again”, she replied pointing to a man lying under the shade of a palm tree, upahead, muttering to himself.

“No, wrong answer!”, said the snake.

She looked around her: at the Tree of Knowledge, at the Garden of Eden, but no answer was forthcoming.

Suddenly she lit up, it dawned upon her: “ I know ….I’m going to break the internet again!”.

By now the snake was getting really fed up;” no, no, no…if you eat from the Tree of Knowledge you’ll have knowledge, wisdom and intelligence…”.

Kim looked at him funny,”…what would I need all those things for?”.

Exasperated, the snake shook its little head, “ but you’ll be able to see that you’re butt naked!”.

“ But I like being butt naked…”, Kim replied,”… that’s where all the money is!”.

Finally when the serpent saw that she couldn’t be tempted or swayed he slithered away, angry at himself for even trying.

She ran after him,” come back Mister Snake, let’s take a selfie!”.

2 thoughts on “Kim in the Garden of Eden (Flash fiction)” by Tony Ogunlowo (@tony2)

  1. Hahahahaha. Crazy!

  2. Great tone, good dialogue I enjoyed reading this.

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