“a Thin Line”

There’s a thin line between
“Life and Death”
“Success and Failure”
“Beginning and Ending”
“Health and Sickness”
“Wealth and Poverty”
“Good and Evil”
“Justice and Injustice”

Your Central Bank could be
Consumed by an Inferno
Just like Locusts eat-up
Green leaves of promising crops
Preventing glorious yield of bounty

Your life may desert you
But, for reckless drivers.
Your health may dissapoint you
When you are at your peak.
These disparities of conditions
Confront you in a matter of time

When you are in any Predicament
Be conscious of the other side
Chance, Luck or Circumstance
May be the Judge to decide
Between all of these fates
There’s just a thin line.

Emeka Dike (June, 2017)

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