Shadows  from The Past

The horrors of her past haunts
She jerks and convulses when in the act
She tries so hard to conceal it but
Her lackadaisical response betrays

Whenever she feels lascivious
The images come running to mind
They appear like shadows in reality
Then, her frigidity comes alive

She has always met the Selfish
Who come to her for gratification
When they meet dissatisfaction
They avoid her like a plague

How can she meet her hero?
Who will conquer her fears
Disarming the shadows from her past
To restore peace to her turbulent mind

This hero must be out there
Waiting to delve into her past
To destroy the hoodlums therein
Who filched her treasure of womanhood

She must surely find him someday
Effortlessly she must search
Until he comes running to her
The controller of her stormy past.

Emeka Dike(June, 2017)

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