Love Killed Him

He had been dating her for six months and counting, but she didn’t know that yet. All his friends knew she was the love of his life expect her. She was the reason he masturbates in the toilet before bathing, she was always the subject of his wet dreams, but he had been hiding his feelings all this while for he lacked the courage to tell it to her face, how he die in her arms every night.

So as he sat by the pool side of Rendezvous Hotel, ogling at her as other boys took turn to teach her how to swim, seizing the opportunity to touch the breast and butts he had only touched in his imagination. He ogled with envy wishing he was the one giving her swimming instruction in the pool.

His friends stared at him laughing knowing the pain he was enduring, they took turns​ to challenge and cajole him to enter the pool and woo her. He got angry and gulped the bottle of beer he had been sipping for the past hour and quickly selected the best out of the thousand lines he had been rehearsing for a day like this.

He walked towards the pool to cheering of his friends. He called her name but she didn’t turn back and so he dived into the pool and that was when he remembered he can’t swim.

Two days later as he lay on his back motionless inside the cold coffin searching through the familiar faces that have come to pay their last respect to the lad who drowned in the pool.

He searched and searched but the love of his life was nowhere in sight. His soul shrinks in regret at the thought that the reason for his untimely death was somewhere living her life.

6 thoughts on “Love Killed Him” by obiink (@obiink)

  1. I am so laughing my heart out! However, I used to be that timid, but thank God I didn’t get to the point of stupidity. I wonder what he’ll be telling God. What truly killed him? Love? Nice one @obiink.

    1. obiink (@obiink)

      happy you enjoyed it

  2. Ewo! Abeg, this one did not die of love o rather “ignorance”

    1. obiink (@obiink)

      All na love oooo.
      Thanks for reading

  3. Alade Abayomi Idris (@Aladeidris)

    nicely written.

    1. obiink (@obiink)


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