“Evil Watchdogs”


Who are they?
They are the ones in black
Like mourners who are sober
Brandishing guns and batons
“Evil Watchdogs”

They are touted as your friend
Yet, they are your worst enemies
Stabbing you like Brutus did Caesar
“Evil Watchdogs”

Your tax is their daily bread
To keep a wink on society
Instead they aid and abet crime
“Evil Watchdogs”

They are like Assassins and Thugs
To the highest bidder, they go
Convicting innocents and acquitting criminals
“Evil Watchdogs”

“INTIMIDATION” is their Watchword
“EXPLOITATION” is their Objective
“BRIBERY” is their Motto
“Evil Watchdogs”

Extrajudicial killing is their hobby
Covering up their obvious tracks
Silencing Truth on the altar of Lies
“Evil Watchdogs”

“ARMED” with our uniforms and guns
They “ROB” us in broad daylight
Who are then the “ARMED ROBbers”?
“Evil Watchdogs”

They need re-orientation of the mind
To sanitize their putrid system
Awakening their dead conscience
“Evil Watchdogs”.

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