Chapter One

“The Red King”

Bathed in the soft glow of the Half Moon, Salekuodi’s feet barely made a sound as he slowly walked down the cold stone steps of the Palace Hallway, A sheepskin Mantle with three Tassels at each end Hanging over his Massive shoulders as he moved purposefully towards his destination.

The Guards sprang to attention as he silently walked past them and made his way towards the ornate wooden door at the very end of the Hall.

As he ignored the Chants of “Kara Ole, Okunrin Ogun” “Hail, The Man of War” He carefully watched the soft night’s wind caress the torches that hung on the pillars, and as he watched Their scanty flames struggle, he found the resolve he needed proceed with the plan

After all he thought “He who is destined for Power”, Would not have to fight for it”


Nestled comfortably in-between the mountains, the behemoth sprawled across rock and stone, its high walls and bright lights a beacon for those who of their own will chose to be consumed by the monster, and an arrogant taunt to those who had tried to tame it and inevitably failed

Its Inhabitant’s Called it “The City of Eternal Light”, Its Name Chosen to Honor the One who ruled all, But to those who truly knew; its True name was different and frankly not so Self-Serving,

The sight of this Colossus meant several things to different people, to the tired merchant who had crossed the great sea its visage signified reward, riches and wealth beyond measure, and maybe a prostitute but or two,

But to the Invader who had come here with hopes of plunder, riches and booty “Both Kinds” they had said to each other, they were met with a grim warning, stoically giving by the Colossus who had persevered through the ages, its Gates stained with the blood of those who had failed to heed its warning “Many have tried, and many have also died”

The Palace at Orisun-Ile was built into one of the many hills that overlooked the ancient City, the Majestic structure towered over the city, its battlements darkened from decades of battling with the elements as it stood guard over the city like a sentinel

The throne room was the largest of the palace’s audience rooms, various tapestries adorned the room, as the cold night’s wind slowly filtered in through the high windows

The Solitary figure of Oba Adejinle stood hunched over a large wooden table in the dimly lit room, his mind fixated on the figures and maps that were strewn across it, “A reconciliation, will not take place“, He slowly whispered.

With ships as Red as Blood, the Raiders crossed the great sea and began to cut a bloody path through his Kingdom leaving a dark path of death and destruction in their wake,

Their cruelty was unmatched; the Darkness within their hearts festered and grew with each passing day, their thirst for revenge burned with the ferocity of a thousand suns

They were intent on settling an old score, and now they stood outside his walls, carefully stalking him, like a pack of ravenous wolves’ intent on destroying an empire that had stood for hundreds of years

The heads of his Emissaries swung outside their war-camp, as fitting testament to their viciousness, and as the crackling fire roared in the corner casting a solitary shadow across the room, “I Should go for a quiet stroll” Oba Adejinle said to himself, At least while he still could.

Salekuodi entered the room and registered an inaudible sigh of relief, exposure to the cold night’s air wasn’t a pleasant experience for anyone, “I am a Warrior not an Animal” he thought to himself as a advanced towards the solitary figure standing in front of him

“Salekuodi would you Betray me” Oba Adejinle asked as Salekuodi stood before him, as he slowly walked across the room and wearily plunged himself on his throne his eyes fixed on the man who stood across the room,

For years he had been duped into believing that the men with which he liberated the People of Oodaaye would stay loyal to him and now as he was confronted with evidence pointing to the contrary, a shockwave of pain rushed over him as he realized the meaning of the “message” his chiefs had sent him

Salekuodi felt nothing but disgust mixed with a little bit of pity, as he watched his former master’s hand begin to quiver, “All men are brave, until they are confronted with the impossible”, it was a shame really, he had in fact started to like the man, but tonight it fell to him to do that which needed to be done, “Agbakin o gbodo se bi ojo” “A Seasoned warrior must never act like a coward” and so slowly, his baritone voice reverberating through the entire chamber, he began to speak:

“Oba Adejinle/ My Lord”

“The Gods reject you”

“The Land rejects you”

“The People reject you”

The still silence of the night was occasionally pierced by the innocent sound of creatures that did not possess a way of understanding the events that had just unfolded

Oba Adejinle swallowed hard, as he watched his younger self drive a sword into his father’s chest and as he remembered that cursed day, he watched as his father’s face, a twisted visage of hate and regret spat out the words that had haunted him since then

“Heed my words son”:

“A Dark Pact will be made”

“A reconciliation, will not take place”

“A thwarted plan must happen for the sake of suffering”

“Only then will a reversal of fortune happen”


“And an escape finally take place”

And as he gazed outside the window into the night,

He closed his eyes


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