Threshold Of Life.

I stand at the threshold of life. Two roads lead to where I want to be, the road on my right is a sleek and outstretched one, the sigh on it says “The Crowd”.

It wasn’t long before a herd of humans shoved past me onto the road. I step aside as I watch them huddle together, they moved in a slow but steady manner, never crossing each others walk.

I turned to the road on my left, it was barren, except for the few footprints on the shaggy and dirty road. Like the previous road, this one also has a sign ” Dream Chasers”.
I brought out an earpiece from my back pocket and I held it to my ear. I smiled as the cool music, booming into my ear downed the chatter from the other road, while I was shaking my head and singing to the lyrics of Olamides “Hustle, Loyalty and Respect”. Two young lads helped each other make the long walk back to where the “Dream Chasers” road began.

“What is at the end bro” I asked excitedly. They looked they haven’t eaten in days, I think the most appropriate description is, they look like ‘Scarecrows’, ragged and bruised.
“Nothingness” I heard them say under their breaths.

I smiled “This is going to be great”. I checked, and triple checked if my ‘Survival Kit Box’ was intact.
Without wasting anymore time, I started down the “Dream Chasers” road, with a wild grin on my face. “What an adventure this will be” I thought out loud.
The song from my iPod changed from a slow tempo music, to Dej Loaf’s “Ayo”.

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