Three Thieves

Three Thieves

Three thieves agreed to set up a church..

A business venture certain to boom

Not knowing the name to call the church

Sat one morning to deliberate on the issue.

The first speaker got up ,eager to speak.

The gang informant ,famous and
Let’s call it apostolic living faith of redeemed ..

In attempt to coin a name from popular churches..

Second robber had a better idea.
He was the strongest and most courageous, an ex convict

.let’s call it miracle everyday ministry

It will attract gullible members so we can steal

The third robber disagreed totally

He was the most intelligent quiet but deadly

Let’s call it sinners redemption church

So we can attract more sinners and robbers into our fold

Each thief insisted on his own suggestion

Temper was raised,insults poured and punches throw
A gun shot was heard,not once or twice but thrice
Patrolling policemen arrived the dead, two injured.
All were arrested. Just for a name

2 thoughts on “Three Thieves” by tobechi74 (@tobechi)

  1. Francis Chibuzor (@Bu-zor)

    Nice story…. We really should learn how to curb our anger…

  2. flash… but obviously not funny. I like the style you employed.
    well done

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