The Defender

Darkness around, silent voices I heard, took me minutes before I could figure out I had to open my eyes and see that the sun was still shining bright in the centre of the sky, I could feel serious pains around my head, I turned sideways and my eyes was directly facing his black dirty boots, I tried to look up at his face but I couldn’t, I tried raising up from the sandy ground but still I couldn’t, I began to think I had become paralyzed but I could still feel my legs connected to the rest of my body, so I summoned the highest amount of energy I could to aid myself up and this time I was about getting fully up when suddenly he kicked me back to the ground with his heavy boots. I felt more pain in my rib bone, my eyes opened and I saw his face. It was Kelly, standing and looking very ferocious. He looked at me wickedly and like a devil in a human suit. He stood bravely with his face filled with smile and joy at my fall; I felt pain, disappointment and embarrassment all at once as Kelly bullied me in public. I began gathering myself together and coming back to my senses. Kelly had laid ambush for me and gave me a perfect attack from behind by hitting a rod on my head which led to my fainting.
I wouldn’t have bothered if I didn’t know the reason why he has chosen to bully me but I knew he was doing this to me and it was all because of his girlfriend, Trisha, who he thinks I am dating but the actual truth is very far from it because I honestly don’t have anything to do with his girlfriend but he wouldn’t believe me.
‘This is just the beginning’ Kelly said to me, I looked up at him, and swallowed the saliva gathered in my mouth. ‘There is more where that came from if you don’t stop chasing my girlfriend, that’s just a warning’ he said harshly and walked away in haste. I took my time to gather myself up. First thing I did was to remind God who I have always diligently served that I wasn’t meant to be punished this way and that he should start preparing to fight for me as I tried to figure out Kelly’s next plan which could be to kill me because I have heard rumors that he belong to a secret cult on campus.
That day, I didn’t see Trisha till the following week when she returned from a visit to her family. I narrated what happened to her and she hit the peak at once.
‘His he mad, why would he do that to you?’ she asked rhetorical question
‘Are you asking me, isn’t it obvious?’ I asked back.
She stood up sharply from the bench we were both seated on. It was later in the evening I heard from friends who said she went straight to meet Kelly and put on a free show for all as she met him in his department chatting with friends and there she chose to scold him. My sources also added that she slapped him more than twice and called him a coward also adding that he has never done most things right and that if he lays another finger on me, she would call of the relationship.
When I asked what Kelly’s reaction was, I was told that he only stared at her as she performed wonders but that after she marched out of the hall, he vowed that he would teach me a bigger lesson as I have successfully turned Trisha against him. God and lot of people know that the only thing between me and Trisha is that we help ourselves with lots of class works and assignment. Due to the fact that am very brilliant but he would never concur and I can’t fight. I am a very strong believer in God almighty who is the creator of the heavens and earth and it’s only him I turn to any time I have problems and I have already put this one also one the table.
Seconds ran, minutes marched, days walked by and as the month strolled by, I kept praying steadfastly, during my praying time for protection. Although I didn’t receive any more treats from Kelly and I tried keeping distance with Trisha but she wasn’t helping matters. I started reducing the amount of time we spent together and started making fake excuses most times after spending little time with her and she noticed this.
One Saturday night, I woke up in such manner that I felt odd. I felt two things, either something was missing from me or something was about to happen. I checked myself thoroughly and then I figured out that it must be that something was going to happen very soon. I check the time and it was almost eleven o’clock and I felt I should pray and immediately, I did. I began praying that my spirit began leaving the earth, I felt myself in the gates of heaven and at a moment I thought my prayers weren’t enough so I began singing praises. I sang and sang and sang. I couldn’t feel anything around me just then I felt a hard force disturb my session and then I could feel things again. I knew then that I wasn’t in the heavens anymore. I knew I was back to the earth and as I opened my eyes I found the lights in my room all switched on, but what shocked me most is that I saw three men standing at my door. One was thin with over grown hair and a tooth pick hanging from his mouth, his style I guess, the one in the middle was very bulky and chesty and a small calabash like object hung on his neck, no doubt; it was a charm while the third of them was Kelly. They were all dressed in yellow top and red trousers, I wasn’t really surprised as what I was witnessing and I boldly asked them what they want but I got no reply. They just kept staring at me till Kelly raised his left hand up to check his wrist watch I also turned to the clock on the wall and the time was four minutes to twelve. I turned back to them sharply.
‘Good, you won’t live to see tomorrow Mark, You have only few minutes to say your last prayers before I put the final full stop to your story.’ Kelly said and I saw the bring out guns from their backs and pointed it at me, I silently prayed that the spirit of God should come and help me as I can’t help myself at this time and then I could hear the spirit of God telling me that I should tell them that there weapons won’t work on me and I did immediately.
‘Isaiah 54: 17’ I said ‘No weapon formed against me shall prosper’
‘Yes we know that’s why we didn’t come with any kind of weapon but with fully fortified weapons that would pull down every security lock you have on.’ Said Kelly
‘You better don’t try my God because I know he is right here and would fight for me but I won’t want you to suffer so I would say you should leave here right now’ I said to them feeling confident that the spirit of God was in me but the busted into laughter immediately I ended my speech.
‘Where is he? Asked the thin one with overgrown hair
‘Under his bed I guess, waiting to surprise us’ replied Kelly, both still laughing except the third bulky and chesty one. He stared at me and raised his Gun back at me, cold blood ran through my body and then I heard the spirit said something to me. It sounded like. ‘Watch and see, I would take over from here.’
‘Take over Lord’ I said replying to God, just then I heard clicks of Kelly and his gang members attempting to shoot me but the guns sounded empty with bullets. They stared at each other in astonishment. They looked at me and at themselves again still in total confusion and disappointment. I saw this and smiled at them.
‘Unum, I hate to say I told you but I told you’ I said to them with my tongue out like a happy child.
Then I saw the bulky one nod to the rest that they should retreat and so they did. Immediately they left, I went on my kneels and continued praising God for helping me over come death, after few hours I went back to sleep and I did sleep like a baby.
The next day as I walked to the school fellowship for Sunday worship, I noticed that people were staring at me; I didn’t know the reason as they seemed to be happy for me for some reason, it wasn’t long before I walked into familiar faces who were also on their way to give me some good news. It was about Kelly and his gang members. I was told that has they left my place to wherever they planed to go to, after getting midway, Kelly became furious with the gang leader which was the bulky one that he was disappointed at what happened at my place and he shot both the gang leader and the other one and they both died instantly. As if that wasn’t enough, he himself went to the police station to report himself.
I didn’t know if I should be happy or sad but I kept singing song of praises to God whom I knew was the one who saw me through. People were really happy for me because it was reported that before they came to my place, they had gone to another student’s place that had disputes with the thin one and they successfully carried out their operation there but failed on getting to mine. People asked who really my God was as the student that was killed was the son of the general overseer of a very popular church in the country and many expected to him to also be very close to God and not fall at the attack of the evil ones.
As for Trisha, I was surprised at her reaction to the event that happened. She was happy that Kelly has being dealt with and happy that she was free from him. ‘he promised to make sure I passed with distinction from this institution when I first met him’ she said but he never fulfilled any of those promise, rather he turned her into his sex toy and when she tried to help herself by becoming study mate with me, that was what caused all his act of treats.


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