Keep Buhari On His Toes: By Agbaje H. Ayomide

Muhammadu Buhari, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces (GCFR). A pensive writing by his ardent supporter, Agbaje Ayomide, an active and patriotic Nigerian citizen who is urging all his fellow Nigerians to always endeavour to keep the president on his toes in order to get the most efficacious outcome from his tenure. Mr. Agbaje said in witty and wise words in his article.


As far as constitution allows me, I will try to ensure that there is a responsible and accountable governance at all levels of government in the country. For I will not have kept my own trust with Nigerians if I allow my others to abuse them under my watch — Muhammadu Buhari (Grand Commander of the Federal Republic, GCFR) — Baba’s deep words to ponder about.  An applaudable utterance from an erstwhile dictator in an outburst of wisdom.


Our very own baba Buhari (PMB), it is quite trite, and we have absolutely believed that our nation’s history has served us right by doing so well to apprise us of the bare fact that you have one-time sat over the affairs of this nation  from December 31st, 1983 to August 27th, 1985 in the military rule after which you were overthrown by a coup d’etat led by Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (IBB). Even though, I may be unborn then, but I fervidly believe you were overthrown by some corrupt elements in your government who were afraid of being brought to justice as your policies and programmes were beginning to yield tangible dividends in terms of public discipline, enactment of retroactive laws, curbing corruption, lowering inflation, enhancing workforce and improving productivity. Ibrahim Babangida (IBB) justified his coup d’etat by saying that you, Buhari, populary refferred to as GMB then, had failed to deal with the country’s economic problems and have had several failed attempts to rejuvenate the economy ravaged by decades of government’s mismanagement and corruption which led to your 3 years detention in a small guarded bungalow in Benin. We must also remind oursleves that one of the most enduring legacies of the Buhari’s government has been the War Against Indiscipline (WAI), which was launched on 20 March 1984, the policy tried to address the perceived lack of public morality and civic responsibility of the Nigerian society. Unruly Nigerians were ordered to form neat queues at bus stops, under the eyes of whip-wielding soldiers who would never hesitate to give you some lashes if you ‘fuck up’. Civil servants, who failed to show up on time at work were humiliated and forced to do “frog jumps”. Minor offences carried long sentences. Any student over the age of 17 caught cheating on an exam would get 21 years in prison. Counterfeiting and arson could lead to the death penalty of the violator. He did so well to avoid any horrendous act that could further deepen this ubiquitous and growing gulfs and penguin gowns among the citizens.  From this, we can cull and however reckon that Buhari loathes all forms of indiscipline, immoralities and injustice even right from his first tenure in the military rule. And this paragon of unrepentant optimism found one good reason to contest for the nation’s Presidency again for the fourth time in a row and he got it!

Buhari, your ascension to the seat of the power again in the cillivian rule on May 29, 2015 after exactly three decades since you let go of  the seat of power in 1985 was heralded by lots of ecstasies and gaieties of frolics and euphoria and we all believed Providence has crowned your efforts with success. After which you stated that you take responsibilty for anything you presided during your military rule and that you cannot change the past. You simply described yourself as a ‘converted democrat’.  You estranged yourself from the cabals of political virtues that hovered around and arrived again as an open-minded and objective man, subtly proposing to us that your emergence as ‘the first citizen of this country’ will usher in an era of greatness and prosperity and therefore bring about a CHANGE, the major theme of your presidential campaign in 2015. Your well-defined and structured political manifestos which excluded all forms of propagandas, religious bigotry and chauvinism, was undoubtedly our cynosure of attraction, reassuring us of a better living, a better nation and to revamp our country, salvage it from the quagmire, reinstate our economy and of course, our dying culture too. For your trust have been imbued in us and which you simply showed an exceptional proclivity for. You said you wouldn’t tow the footsteps of other past leaders who have failed Nigeria.  Your campaigns, here and there! Yes!  We saw it, with our bare eyes in most of our national dallies’ headlines and we could figured out who’s worth our votes in the 2015 presidential election between Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ), the former GCFR and you. Hopes were alive and strong beliefs were swimming and diving confidently in the ocean of lingering expectations as we trooped out en masse to cast out our votes for you at the presidential electoral polls, ignoring the scroching heat of the sun and torrential and heavy downpours and join the vogue to enthusiastically enchant some ‘brouhaha’ with zeal and shout: “Sai Baba” and “Baba Go Slow” triumphantly. We all know it would worth the while. We indeed kept you on your toes! But are you now telling us that, your emergence with our votes is the greatest mistake we have ever made? Buhari, is it? Are you the blot on our nation’s consciousness and continuousness, digging us into the awful helish holes as it gasps of pure horror, lying critically ill in the inn and withing in an utmost agony? Buhari, are you? Baba, please answer your boy for him to convey it to the people whom you governed for a better understanding. My very own Oga PMB,  so are you portending us as a lost dog who will never, for once hear the whistle blown by the hunter? That’s just by the way, we can’t just sit back and watch you but we still kept you on your toes.

On April 25, 2015, you were declared as the President-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the All Progressives Congress (APC) after 3 unsuccessful ran to the seat of the president in 2003, 2007 and 2011 in other political parties like All Nigeria’s People Party (ANPP) and Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), as you defeated the incumbent president then, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) in the March 2015 general elections. And that marked the first time in the history of Nigeria that an incumbent president will lose a general election to an opposition candidate. And  within us, intermitent spasms of euphoria was found hovering around us as we pat ourselves at the back and heaved a sigh of relief, thinking we just keenly survived an impudent government of impunity. We indeed adore your toga of integrity and ingenuity.

Worthy of note is the fact that, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has been in power for 16 years. So I may not be wrong if I say they have had lots of access to public treasury and funds far beyond. Our people they say… Buhari is not genuinely fighting corruption, rather he is just hunting his opposition leaders. So they tell me! Why will he not hunt for his opposition leaders in his quest of combating corruption head-on and rescuing this nation from the proboscis of corruption when we the citizens all know that the ills of this nation can be evidently traced back to his predecessors .

As part of his presidential campaign promises, President Buhari has released the details of the loots recovered under his administration — during his one-year anniversary on the seat of the presidency. These include recoveries under interim forfeiture — cash and assets — which sumed 3.4 trillion naira. And about N115 billion is still being awaited from the United Kingdom (UK), Switzerland, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United States (US).

The most disheartening and disgusting of all out of the whole saga — the former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki — was charged for dishing out $2 billion on phantom contracts, for the purchase of ammunition to combat insurgency. Shortly after, the arrest of the ex-Petroleum Minister, Diezani Allison Madueke —over allegations of corruption and money laundering — followed suite. Likewise, the Chairman of a local company, Atlantic energy, Jide Omokore, over allegation of money laundering, too.

There seems to be a preponderance of members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) standing trials because they had been in power for 16 years, You can be assured that anybody caught in corruption will answer for it irrespective of party, religion or tribe. Then tell me how his hunt for his opposition leaders is making his anti-gaft war and fight for corruption not genuine? I fervidly think, the answer to this question is certainly not farfetche, I daresay.

In sum, this current government has recovered about $10 billion from stolen assets; it has also discontinued the fuel-subsidy mischief, which costs Nigeria $14 billion a year.

My fellow Nigerians, let us be realistic in our thinking. These ills of our nation has been nurtured by our past government for many decades ago, and so many government have come and failed in their attempt to curb corruption. So we can’t just expect one administration should just come from nowhere and erase them all just in a twinkle of an eye. Buhari is really trying his best despite his health issues and problems.

My people, we all know that the government has the sole and ultimate responsibility in putting certain things in place and piloting the affairs of the nation. But we focus too much on ‘leadership failure’. Out of ignorance, we don’t know that there is also something called ‘followership failure’. We will just sit down, cross-legged in our living room with arms and legs akimbo watching news on the TV, reading various national newpaers and keeps blurting out unnecessary statements. What have done on our own part to immensely contribute to the nation’s development? And on our part, the problem lies in our failure to keep our top government functionaries on their toes for us to get the most efficacious outcome from their tenure. And this starts by keeping the President, Buhari on his toes. He is there to represent our interests. We voted for him. We emerged him. We can all keep our fingers crossed, and fervently hope his tenure will lead Nigeria to the sociopolitical and economic prosperity we so desire. Yeah! Criticising his government won’t help at all, I fervidly daresay. Instead why can’t we challenge him to the task of revitalizing this nation.

The Articulate Nigerians, The Ever-courteous gba-gbas, The Fundamental gbo-gbos. Good People, Great Nation. The people of the World most populous black nation. Let us be optimistic enough and join hands with our very own Muhammadu Buhari to fight against corruption and our other societal ills, so that we can all have a prosperous nation for the benefit of all its citizens and future generations and lead Nigeria to the socio-economic prosperity we so yearn for. This is just the ultimate reason why we have to keep Buhari on his toes.

I remain yours in solidarity.

Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta!

The spirit of comradeship!

The Struggle continues all for a selfless patriotism. ✊ ✊

Baba Go Slow!




Agbaje Ayomide is a creative, freelance and budding writer in his late teens who was born and bred in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Although, he has once hoped to be born and bred in Las Vegas, USA just for some personal reasons best known to him. He is a political and human rights activist. An active and patriotic Nigeria citizen. And due to his dear and unconditional love for Nigeria, which can’t be overemphasized, he still believes in a better and corruption-free Nigeria. He nurtures the belief that every citizen of Nigeria is a leader. He is an aspiring public speaker, astute journalist and a newspaper columnist.

He adores the sweet scenery that comes from nature and loves being close to the streamside and gently munching on some assortment of fresh apples. At some instances, if he is not found writing love poems, articles, fictions or voraciously reading his textbooks or any online e-books, then he is somewhere chilling and taking handfuls of ‘amala’ with a piece of ‘cow skin’ gyrating forth and back like a roller coaster in an amusement park on ‘ewedu’ with ‘gbegiri’ soup to accompany the ‘amala’ to the throat as he is trying to surpress his gluttony.

His stories, poems and writings have featured on so many online literary magazines like,, Brittle Paper,, Just to mention but a few. They all shot him into limelight and gained him a large readership in his writing career. Although, writing is more of passion than profession.

He blogs regularly on where he explores his literary prowess just as often as he wears his suit, his painstakingly knotted black tie and his pair of Italian smart shoes.

He can be reached on his Twitter handle: @agbajecity

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