I said ‘My Forever’

We spoke about virtually everything, from the colour of our underwear down to the sound of our breathe. It was almost impossible to hide anything from each other, we were like soul sisters. We had too much to talk about , so much that there was really no time to talk about anyone in our family.

One day, I decided to pick her up from the airport as she was coming from the UK. I was so eager to see her such that immediately I spotted her shoes across I ran towards her with all the love in my heart.

“Awwwwww, I have missed you so much!. My friendship, My darling…”

“Have you seen my brother? He is supposed to be here as well”. She asked after we had taken time to express our feelings to each other

“No! let’s just go I doubt if your brother is here”. I responded

“Her brother is here”. I heard a male voice say behind us .

I turned in shock. I knew bestie had a brother but I  never thought about it before, it never registered in my brain.

Fast forward to two years after, I am getting married to my bestie’s brother, Ibk …How cute!

We did not hit off immediately like the typical hollywood movie scene. No spark, no nothing.  We did not even like each other for a while.He thought I was a snub, I thought he was proud..Until he unconsciously began to unveil his heart and I unconsciously began to understand  and then dance to the rhythm.

I have never seen anything so beautiful. Ibk showed me what love is and how love is. What I feel for him is deeper than chemistry, spending my life with him forever is the best thing that has happened to me . HE IS MY LOVE,MY HEART, MY LIFE, MY FOREVER, HE COMPLETES ME!. ……

And I, Pelumi  read stuff like this and instead of getting all mushy mushy I get scared. Not scared of love but the extremities of the word people use to describe their feelings for each other (mere mortals). I love ‘love’ and ‘affection’ ..but when people say stuffs like ‘He is my forever’ or ‘She’s my life’ or ‘You complete me’, ”My whole heart’, ‘My heartbeat’…I am like “Really?????”

Dear Lovers,

See ehn, human relationships are not designed to complete us. There is no single person who can completely fill the void of affirmation in your life. No lover, no child, no long time achievement. There’s absolutely no love that can complete us except for the love that Christ offers. …your believe or doubt of this doesn’t change the fact that it’s a truth.

You say this guy or lady is the real deal. Was that not the same thing you said to your ex?

If you love your man, just say you love him….no need to go to the extreme with your empty words to say how much you love him

If you want to do life with him, do life with him, but don’t expect to find completion in him. You’ll be disappointed.

Don’t think she’s your everything; we human make a very terrible god.  

I know sometimes it’s easier to dive in love with the person you can see but that doesn’t mean Christ love is not there for you, for it is  not the nature of love (Christ) to force a relationship but it is the nature of love to open the way…and that way has been paved already.

He knows what break your heart, he wove you with his hands. You are the pinnacle of his creation and the centre of his affection.

So please save yourself from the heartbreak of disappointment and the emptiness from your extreme love expectation .

No man, no matter how lovely  he is can complete you!

And if you don’t feel love from above, It’s okay….Just give him half of the the time and attention you give  to le boo and let’s see how that goes from there.


Much Love.


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