“Friendly Foes”

The drum of Injustice
reverberates and resonates
throughout our discordant,
polygamy of a forced fusion.

Our Leaders obsequiously
hijack our collective heritage.
Their perpetual obscurantism
keep us in a motionless cycle

The relay race of nationhood
has been turned to a marathon.
Partners of youthful blood are in
Oblivion in the relay race.

The liquid pearl of our land
has become a curse to us.
Foreign friends turn enemies
for the sake of our rubies

They pitch us against each other
and become “Pseudo-referees”
as we maim and lynch ourselves
in a bid to remain in marriage

The deafening noise of Injustice
has become obnoxiously loud
So, we must now heed to
the salient call of Justice.

Emeka Dike(June,2017)

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