“Unaware” – 4

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Will I ever get out of this? Ibimina paced the room, willing the headache which was slowly developing at the back of her head to go. She did not know how she had managed to cope or how long she’ll be able to cope with a child like hers.


Tami was getting worse everyday and it was draining to understand her needs by the hour. She hoped with all her heart that the new teacher coming in during the week would work wonders on her.

“Tami needs her own teacher Ms.Tamuno. We have done our assessment  and we have concluded  that she’ll only be able to make remarkable progress if we get her a special teacher to help with her cognitive development”. The head teacher said. This was after Tami had done more drama than usual throwing tantrums when she went to pick her from school.

She breathed a deep sigh of relief.  When Mrs Bami, the Head teacher had called her into her office, all manner of thought had crossed through her mind causing her to panic. “They will finally send Tami away from school. What will I do now?”. She worried.

She gave her best version of a reassuring smile when Mrs Bami had looked her in a funny way .”Please go ahead”.  She said in a small voice

Based on the assessment, we will develop an IEP for her, I believe she’ll do well, she is a brilliant girl”

She nodded but instead her heart screamed “Why are you recommending a special teacher and an IEP for my daughter if you think she is brilliant?” But instead with shaky legs, she wobbled across the door, out of the cold office.

As ibimina continued to pace the room, it suddenly dawned on her that she couldn’t remember the conclusion of the conversation with Tami’s Head teacher. She shook her head, trying harder to get the information out of her over stressed brain. “What does of IEP even mean?”.

She stamped her feet in frustration “Oh God! now I actually do feel like a fool and an incompetent mother for not asking the right questions about my child’s education, what is IEP ehn?” She cried

She hissed. “Wait O, did I eventually agree  to the special teacher or the stupid  IEP Mrs Bami spoke about?”

As she thought and worried herself on the missing information, she desperately needed, the headache she had been trying to manage hit her in full force.

“Oh God” she groaned, cupping her head with both hands .

Overwhelming emotions rendered her numb and unshed tears clogged her throat. She always thought she was strong, but she painfully realised that she was only strong enough for herself alone and no one else, not even her daughter. She crashed on the floor in a fetal position, exhausted from her thought, a splitting headache and a heavy heart.



Hands glued to the steering wheel, Tayo sat unmoving in his car. It would seem that he was just staring into space but his mind was working frantically as he weighed his next course of action.

“Where can  I go ?”


Home was the last place Tayo wanted to be even though he had closed from work. He thought of going to the club, but he knew that if he went with the guys, he’ll be spend too much money on drinks. He also found it awkward to visit the club on day that was not a Match day or a  Friday. He thought to visit friends but he was sure they’ll mostly likely be at work. It was a rare day for him to have closed early at work and he didn’t know what to do with the spare time.

“Shit, shit…now I have to go home. I swear if Ibimina just nags me I’ll just leave the house. I pray Tami is asleep cause’ her own wahala is triple Ibimina’s. “. He murmured to himself.

He thought about asking Munachi out for dinner, but as soon as the thought came to his mind he dismissed it. Just because she had been bold enough to comfort him in his brief moment of distress didn’t mean she had feelings for him. Besides, he did not want his name carried about in office gossip  as the manager who committed adultery with a Junior staff. There was too much at stake to lose, he couldn’t afford to put his reputation on the line just because he did not feel like confronting a nagging wife and  a weird child.

“No”. He shook his head , “I can’t take that risk. It is  better to shag with someone that don’t  have a link to my career or family abeg”

With great reluctance, he pulled out of the carpark, directing the car to the way home. He hoped his wife won’t nag him. He prayed his daughter won’t drain him with her  weird ways and he  strategized on a back up plan, in case his prayers failed as they have been failing since he discovered his daughter was different.

Tayo dragged his feet into the house as if they were too heavy for his body . Once again he contemplated going somewhere else to kill time.

He eventually opened the front door of his house and was greeted with the quietness he had desperately prayed for. A quietness that  made him uncomfortable.


“Ibimina! Ibimina! are you home?”  He shouted.He moved to the kitchen and the laundry, but still no sight of Ibimina. He was about to search for her in their room when he heard a whimpering sound from Tami’s room.

“At least Tami is home” The knowledge dispelling the uneasiness he had felt earlier.

If Tami was home it meant Ibimina was around. She was the only one who understood Tami well enough to attend to her.  He thought about peeping on her but he changed his mind. His daughter hated the sight of him, he did not want her to see him and scream her heads off just as she had done the other day.

He laid on the couch and  turned on the TV.  He was the this way for almost an hour when it suddenly dawned on him that Ibimina had still not showed up.

“Where can this woman be ? ” He thought again as he struggled to put on his slippers. He decided to finally peep on Tami . If she decides to scream then her scream would bring Ibimina from wherever she was – He thought.

He pulled off his slippers and tiptoed into his daughter’s room. It seemed as if she was whimpering but on closer observation, she was actually singing and dancing. He did know the tune of the song but he was glad to  see her happy for the first time in a long time. He watched her for a long time before finally going into his room to check for Ibimina.

He looked up to the ceiling  “Thank you God, you’ve finally decided to visit my family”. His whistled away but came to halt when he opened the door of the room  to find Ibimina in an awkward position on the floor.

He stooped low to her level “Babe wake up ”

“Ibimina get up”

“Baby, B-a-by”

“!Ibimina! Mina!”

He called her name. He shook her body. But she wouldn’t respond.

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