The Unyielding Subject

The Unyielding Subject

As though it was Poverty’s antidote
Like a newborn for juice of the tits
He let out groans on a desperate note
He cried and was never calling quits

But The King had said a vehement ‘NO’
“You wouldn’t need this; with it you’ll war
On others’, for now, you just need to go
And this other one is at the door”

But hell no, he intensified his groans
“I have told others you would get mine”
Like he’d expire, he screamed from his bones
“I do not want to go on others’; mine!”

The King’s counsel failed to yield any fruit
Jamal went out to seek other means
And so The King left his way, and just looked
Awaiting the end to prove the means

And soonest it was at his disposal
And he began cruising every eve
Being on the wheels- dream come true for Jamal
But then, alas, Jamal’s fun was short lived

It was the old story, a faulty brake
The wheels sped like they had their own mind
He matched, so frantic; no mind paid the brake
And as he fell off the bridge, his mind

went to The King, who just watched, sitting back
“You can’t blame me, for I am but man!”
The King with folded hands showed him His back
And so the wheels drowned with Jamal- man

There’s a time to have, and a time to wait
A time to listen, and be quiet
What’s craved may not save, most times it’s a bait
What’s craved sometimes destroys and faileth

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