Tears in the Dark

Tears in the Dark

Had to reminisce in here in the dark

Every opportunity to be out there was deprived

Shut out never to walk on the Terra firma
It’s sad that I had to hear but not see
Even moses was lucky, I didn’t come close
Does she hate me this much? I want to know
Questions on my minds like bees on a hive
How does it feel like to see the sun?
How does it feel like to see the cloud cry?
How does​ the the skies look like?
What does it feel like to feel the whispers of the wind?
Can you tell me how beautiful the horizons are
Or the flowers at the apex of thier glories
I wish I could say; I love you
But pain is my definition of it
You were supposed to be my fountain
But you became my dead sea
Took me out before I was ripe
Dumped me like trash, oh! Dead me
I screamed “help me” but you didn’t listen
You said I was your error,
That your mistake I will always mirror
But was it my fault? I never asked you to make me
Now you shut me out and took the life you gave me
Is it just fear or is it that you hate me? Mom!

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