Sane Love

Sane Love

And when that time in relationship comes
that time when we stay off each other
I get lost thinking of you from sunrise to sunset

Late at night,i check our previous messages
re-read them
possibly see more meaning to them
probably discover hidden messages that i never saw then

Then, how i met you ll start to play in my head like a disc
Starts from how i slid into ur life with that saint look
Those times you laughed at my jokes
I guess i made u smile always
You almost mistook my aim of being a lover to a prankster

Now that we are not yet there
My hormones are hungry
Just a little flirt wont taint us
Not that normal bear hug
I wanna be close to you like north pole to south pole

Am here in Oriokuta
You are over there
I remember when we meet at that our spot
The only place where i have the license to do things to you with my Hands

Then we bare our minds to each other like Matured Adults
I tease you all day cos am jobless
You jokingly hit me on my head
I get happy and wish you hit me once more

I am always waiting for Tomorrow
To see you again
So that we could walk along the streets of Oriokuta hand-in-hand
People staring at us with the thoughts of “see this small children”, “is that not samuel”,”his beards is deceiving him”
And she thinks she is in Total love That she is engaged in the cooler ministry

Actually, Love no go die
Call me when you read this.

PS: No pun intended, just playing around and directed to no one
Moreso, This does not potray the writer.

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