Hope For The Black


I hardly close my eyes at night
This hood just aint alright
Stars dont even shine at night anymore
Darkness is so black like the hair on my head
How am i gonna dream
I cant sleep with my eyes close
My eyes are on alert for the coming of the mosquitoes
You were thinking i ll say “armed robbers” – no
ain’t got no dime
Only a stomach filled “being” dream “good”
When we mistakenly dream about riches,nothing happen
When we mistakenly dream about good life, nothing changes
But when i dream of myself passing out urine, its a sorry case
I ll be in a muddle of water just like how Nigeria is surrounded
Now, I only dream when am walking
I don’t want to be “had i know”

My little brother said he dreamt last night
He saw a black man
Chasing a black boy
With his black dreams
And this black boy ran
He ran, he ran, he ran
That was when my brother woke up
I told him all will be alright
Every week. madam kofo comes here
Picks up a boy
Tells him LG if he concurs with her
As per “hunger” wont allow him think
He defies all wake up call
Obinna is back home mentally deranged

Am in a relationship with money
everyday hustling
i have to love money and money have to love me
MMBM either by milking others honey, by yahoo or the language we all obey
you understand
we black kids stare at the white rich kids we manage to see
everyone is hungry

how else can i say this
i don’t have a voice like Tecno
if i had
i would have sang-“generator wan tear my hear”
if i was @Omojuwa; I would have been trending on twitter
I would have faced the Government; But i still have parents
Now, we are screaming we want a “New Era”
its good, i agree, we all second it
but, but, but,


writes @360potentialwrites.wordpress.com

Akinmurele Samuel

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