For Her Goal (1)

“Mummy where are we going?” little Eze asked for the fourth time. The little boy was already worn out from the painfully long and boring journey to ‘God knows where’ which had already lasted for over an hour and thirty minutes and didn’t seem like its end was near sight.

“No worries, my little boy, we’re almost there” Ifeoma told him, not with the littlest bit of sympathy for the poor eight-year old boy.

“You’ve said that three times already!! My ankles hurt terribly, and I thirst. Mummy where are we heading to?” he furrowed his eyebrows, shrinking his pale looking handsome face.

Ifeoma gave no reply, she simply moved on.

And soon Eze, dropped helplessly to the floor. He couldn’t walk anymore. The tears that had long welled up in his eyes broke free, speedily strolling down his cheeks.

“Come on now, it’s just one more turn left. We’ll be there in no time. Come to my back” and she strapped him to her back, and moved on.

And after a few minutes, Ifeoma arrived at last. It was a small old odd looking house. A short bald man with a heavily bearded face had come out.

“Mummy, where is this? And who is this man? What are…”

“Shhh. Be quiet”

“Is this the one?” His voice was husk.

One glance at her poor little boy, and then at the short man. Tears crystallized her eyes for the first time since she began the journey. “Yes” she nodded, “it is the very one”

“Your work is done here. I shall continue henceforth”

“Mummy” Eze was visibly shaking. He could sense that some things were not adding up. The tears began to flow once more. He grasped his mother’s hand and held on tight, determined to never let go, but she shook it off and turned, heading home. Some boys held him down in a firm grip as he made to follow after his mother.

“Mummy don’t leave me! I don’t know these people. Mummy they are holding me!” but Ifeoma paid deaf ears, she simply moved on. “Leave me alone!” he screamed at the boys, kicking into the air to free himself, but all to no avail.

Ifeoma walked home, smiling and crying at the same time. She’d just given out her only child, to be slaughtered. She had to achieve her goal, no matter what. Pastor Charles, and his ministry, must go down.

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