Death For Sale

It was a very bright morning. I was walking down the street when I saw people all gathered at a spot, on the other side of the road. 

They all focused their gaze on something. What could that be? I asked myself. I knew it must be something bad. I was going to satisfy my curiosity. I looked left, right and left before crossing to the other side to see what was happening.

“This is a very wicked world. See how this man’s life was wasted like chicken’’. A man among the gathered people said with his arms folded as he shook his head along.

“A very wicked world it is.” Another man uttered biting his index finger.

I forced my way through the crowd just to make sure I have a perfect view of what must have happened.

“the man for don marry o” A man with a croaky voice said in pidgin language

“He definitely would be a married man. With children “A well dressed man replied.

I was still fighting my way to get to the front. Ultimately I was there. And behold what I saw was a crummy scene. It wasn’t a graceful sight for the eyes to behold. The victim’s intestine and heart had been ripped off his body. There was gush of blood that saturated his surroundings. I was so moved by what I saw.

“Why should a world be this wicked? Inflicting pain on a  fellow being all in verge to make money desperately which all is vanity!” I said in the lowest tone possible.

No one was ready to make any attempt. They just stood and debated on the already dead man. I couldn’t. I just can’t stand and watch like them. I had to just get one.

“Oga please give me one of this Newspaper “I requested from the Newspaper vendor as I handed him my money.

I needed to read this dead man story who was from Iran.

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