Chlamydia Calls for Vengeance

Chlamydia Calls for Vengeance

One step, then two and she sinks, screaming for help,

How was she even able to walk on water all these years

Nevertheless, he whispers to her, “Welcome, welcome.”

He had it, he won.

He robbed her family, broke into her home and raped her.

She should have seen it coming,

Too broke to go to school,

Talk more of paying her hospital bills.

7 years, 7 bitter years, years of ignorance,

Now she lays alone on her bed, sad and depressed.

Her husband has gone, no one to turn to,

No kids to call her mother

Then she remembers the lunatic who did this,

Her ex-boyfriend who was masked as the robber

Just for revenge

Indeed, Chlamydia calls for vigilance.





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