A Tale To Tell Mother


She is the beauty of the day
Her smile opens the noon
Her laughter brightens the night.

She is the beauty of the day
Her teeth is the stars’ perfection
Her hair is the earth’s cover.

When she laughs, the world cum
Her face has the rainbow’ colours
I will write my name on her temple

She is the verses of poetry on my lips
Edifying humans future through purity
She is love to whom love is love to.

Her tongue is the seas and the oceans
The golden cherubim clothed in holiness
A juicy saint created beyond description.

On her chest I will live till eternity calls
She is the brightness of my life and destiny
She hold the key to the inner court of me.

She is the beauty of the day I was born
She a mother, a teacher; and a mediator
Standing between me and my chi above.

If you see mother at the market square
Tell her that her son is writing a letter;
A letter that will change her life forever.

©John chizoba Vincent

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