Who is the conqueror

Who is the conqueror

You are the conqueror, you always conquer
on your fingernail seats the victory home
in your head dwells all tactics
for halting
for bending
for cutting
for slaying the truthful mouth
yes, with lies the power
you can do
you can undo
a giant lion that shuts
lion in the glade
a giant prey that makes
prey walk on the ground
when its hover above the earth
a giant fish they runs fish a distance length
yes, you can do
you can undo
what you step upon none dare moves close it.
you are a evil yourself
evil is you himself
what suffers others laughs you hysterically
you the fear that fears the fear
you the fear that fears yourself
who dare faces you and says you do right none
perhaps one that wants to lick the cup of life
one that wants to live beneath the soil
‘I winder
do you at times wonder
I am really the conqueror’


do you do and say I have done?
do you publicize your scheme?
do you kill and say i have kill?
can you kill truth in people’s heart?
who is the conqueror?

One thought on “Who is the conqueror” by Afolabi Muideen Adewale (@AfolabiMA)

  1. adams (@coshincozor)

    sounds like a eulogy or an ironic eulogy; say a kind of travesty because it is a ironic praise. However there are too many “concord errors” and other grammatical that can not be called mistakes because of their re-occurrence . i saw much of something like this, are they deliberate?
    “when its hover above the earth” the “s” should have been on the “hover” as “hovers” instead of on “it”.
    “a giant fish they runs fish a distance length” — “they runs?”
    “what suffers others laughs you hysterically” — “others runs?”

    there are too many of them, just look them up and correct.
    secondly, I think punctuation helps in clarity. kindly insert the “full stops” and “commas” where necessary. i don’t understand why a poem should run through without punctuation.

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