The Wotar Thief

The Wotar Thief

This is a different story from those that starts with a normal once upon a time. Well you could add the once upon a time…..
“WHAT!” I heard my sister Nneoma scream from the backyard.
I was confuse as to what must have caused the scream, I quickly scrambled up from the form which served as our bed we had in our room rented apartment. Dashing towards the door to know what happened I glanced at the wall clock and it was just 15 minutes past 6. What could be the cause of this early uproar I queried myself as I ran through the passage, I hope she hasn’t picked up another fight. Angered raced through my heart as I got there and found out that the reason for the noise was because the usual thief in the compound has manifested his power again and this time it had to be from my water pot.
Looking into the water drum the water level has gone down by more than half and the thought of how I had to walk and extra two kilometers the previous evening to get water as the closet water vendor to our house had travelled and the only other means to get water was to make that extra trip.
Bitterness and Angered I knew as I joined my sister in calling out our other neighbors.
“Make all of una come out o” we chorused
“Who carry our water, make una come out because I no go gree, today na today, we no go gree” We continued to chorus as our neighbors began to troop out one after the other.
“Weytin happen again this early momo, wey man no go rest in peace again” Akpors complained as he arrived
“Come make una allow person sleep na abi weytin be time wey una don start with noise this early morning” Henry also complained as he went on
Cynthia, Yomi, Mama Vero and little Vero who still looked sleeply all came out and we briefed them of our discovery. Mama Vero was the first to testify that her water was also purloined by the unknown person. She wasn’t the only one with a similar experience as everyone also had a story to tell which wasn’t new to us all. Even Emeka that locks his water drum with a padlock always has also had an experience.
“So who could it be” was the question we all asked ourselves but can’t provide an answer. Mama Vero placed a curse on the person but how effective would that be?
“At every crime scene, everyone present is a suspect” and so I looked at everyone but it was hard to point out who it could be as none of them wrote it on their heads.

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  1. Is this the full story? Or should we expect another?

    1. Yes Moji, there is a concluding part coming out soon. . . . . . . . . . . but you can check it out on my blog or on

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