Spoils of War (18+) – E02

Spoils of War (18+) – E02

I cannot bring myself to cheat on him.

Each time Jane turned and saw Bane in the driver’s seat her heart jumped with guilt and pleasure. Thoughts of how she had betrayed Hugo’s trust and her sanctity to remain chaste for the man she truly loved and wanted to spend forever with, made matters worse. Her heart flooded with heavy tears, but the weather made it seem all for nought, as it vowed to continue raining.

Bane volunteered to take her home after the deed at the office. According to him, he couldn’t let her remain there especially after their sonorous time spent in each other’s arm.

When they arrived, Jane noticed Hugo’s car wasn’t parked in the drive-way. Calling him, he revealed he had gone out to enjoy the weather with his guys after waiting helplessly for Jane’s unpromising return. The effect of the weather was still at its peak, and Jane didn’t know when she conceded to Bane’s request that he come into the house to shake off a little. It didn’t take long before each was all over the other. Jane’s bottled admiration for Bane over the years had all come crashing because of a bad weather and timing in two perfect scenarios.

Bane wasted no time in continuing his serial lectures… Jane was to fully understand who was boss, and remember what she was missing about getting married to a white men. He carried her gently into the bed she shared with Hugo, and defiled the honour of their relationship. This time, he showed lesser mercy than he did at the office: as long as he cared not, if she could scream on top of her voice, it wasn’t the neighbours’ concern. He thrust deep enough into her to cause her spasm after spasms – she grew weaker but couldn’t help it: she wanted him to continue.

He continued to ram into her, roughly drilling spots he had no right to into her womanliness, until he heard an unusual noise outside, by the driveway. Rushing to look through the window, Jane realised it was Hugo’s car.

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