Princess Agbaje, That Sweet Sister Who Is A Ravishing Paragon Of Beauty: By Agbaje Ayomide.

Oreoulwa Princess Agbaje

My beautiful princess, that sheen and caramel-skinned sister whose face is ever stunning and alluring. I began to look for a spot on her face but fortunately I found none. I became afraid afterwards, because I believe only angels and some heavenly creatures are spotless (Yay!! I have seen some in my dreams) . She just look so unblemished.

She remained sturdy, sexy and fit with toned legs. Her coyness surpassed what my mouth and lips could totally express. She has a ravishing look that is full of admiration which nearly lost my spirited mind just as a gun powder does after several gunshots, the rest… they say it has become an history but they say… around her is the aura that brings life against all odds. The extra time God spent on her creation He actually used it judiciously to garnish her with special virtues of beauty. I know He must have created her on Sunday when He was in no haste and the calmness of heaven was at its zenith. Because He perfected everything on her.

Every beautiful treasures adorn her including that dazzling smile that can cause a stir within one making other things lose essence, can actually make one forget all sorrows and worries so easily and the magical smile that stops the bright overhead shinning sun from retiring at dusk. She is just too ineffable. Shall I describe her elegance to you?

Her eyes just as clear as a spring water, luscious and white like the albumen of an egg. Her voice is the one whose melodies mocked the nightingale’s therefore bringing its giants to their knees for kowtow and genuflection. Its cadence rose and fell in sync with my heartbeat like a sensimilla throwing me into intermittent spasms of euphoria which everyone wishes to bask in. After the accentuation, I began to doubt my sanity on the tune of hers of enormous seraph that just trickled down into my ears rushing in like an avalanche in ceaseless flow from the effortless sway of her pink lips and her mouth wide gate that controls various entries and exits as she parted it to unveil the teeth gap between the two incisors on her upper jaw, taking away my sense temporarily and deposited illusive ideas about every other things into my head at a mere unveil. Making me the man I never wished to be. See! I was too dumbfounded. It was so calm, alluring and tuneful as ever. She is also a fashion model and she is always updated with latest styles in the fashion world and tush it in a grand style. That describes my pretty sister like no other.

And you know what? Today is her birthday, the girl who usually make me to wonder whether she is from space. But by inch close to the verge of living with the bare reality that corroborates this. I stood a gain to know certain things and which, to my unpredictable surmise, I actually ascertained the hidden figures behind it. That’s why I just like calling her PRINCESS due to the possession of the angelic face, and so many others too. She is sister and like a friend.

Princess Agbaje, you look so exceptional, actually we do believe the pretty looks flow in our family gene. *winks* So we have nothing to say on this. The reason.. I say the ancestry of the family of respected status in the community should be queried. You are just too much of a quintessential to the already established fact of this so-called namby-pamby. I’m so proud of the lady you have become, the woman you’re growing into, and the mother you hope to become. I pray on this day, may God in His infinite mercies continue to cause His countenance to shine upon you forever and grant you your earnest heart desires. I wish you longevity and prosperity in sound health and abundant blessings. Eat more cake today, because it comes once in a revolution of the earth around the sun. Enjoy your day to the fullest swiree. I wish you an hitch-free day with love and kisses from the innermost corners of the impregnable walls of my heart.

Happy Birthday Sister.
I celebrate you on this very beautiful day yours with glamour.

© Ayo’Agbaje


Written by Agbaje Ayomide

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