Peter & His Wife

Whenever Peter and his wife pass
We people on the street admired them.
They were typical of ideal marriage case;
Happy and glamorous all the time.
We were at the church when they said “I do”
For what they did long ago
They would have said “I did”
Then they kissed and beamed with smiles.

Yes we knew they did, under the mango tree
When he said “I love you”
And she said “I love you too”
And they cuddled like kittens in harmattan spree

Then one blissful Monday night
When NEPA conspired with the moon light
And they created total blackened night
We looked up at Peter’s window pane
To see long shadows cast by candle light,
And saw as two shadows fought in pain
Taller shadow raised a leather bet and flogged the Shorter
The Shorter raised a molded fist and punched the Taller
Punches and bets swung untamed
Then we wondered what horror movie the Peters watched.

We greeted Mrs Peter in the morning
And she replied in usual gait ” fine morning”
Later we saw her Facebook post:
“My super boo for life in whom I boast”
Then a picture of Peter in monkey suit. . ..

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  1. Pelumi Hadassah (@PelumiHadassah)

    Nice writeup

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