On The 29th Of April

As the demons saw him approaching from afar, they roared in a sinister laughter. His kind is always delicious. Some of them clenched their fists in readiness for attack, their knuckles making cracking sounds. Some of them rolled their waists this way and that way. Some of them gnashed their teeth, their blood-soaked teeth, their teeth which had dreadfully long razor-sharp canines. And all was for an innocent tiny baby boy who was journeying from his abode in Heaven to his new but temporary habitation where God had sent him, in a new world.

As he got nearer in sight, the faces of the cruel bloodsucking demons contorted into a strong irritating frown. They got themselves well positioned, ready to plunge on him and devour him. But by the time the tiny baby had gotten closest, they had seen that he was smiling. And oh, what an infectious smile. The demons couldn’t resist the powerful smile of the baby boy, they began to smile too, they couldn’t harm him. They gave way and he smiled his way into his new habitation.


Chijioke was busy with his prayers against every demon against the arrival of his child when a nurse had rushed to him to announce that Tonia, his wife had safely put to bed. It was a bouncing baby boy, he was told.

“Thank you Jesus!” He waved his hands in the air, with his eyes closed. The nurse smiled at him.

A weak smile spread across Tonia’s face when she saw her husband. Chijioke smiled back. He held her hand, and kissed her forehead. He was happy, God had put a smile on his face once again after the recent loss of a son.

“And the baby?” He enquired.

They brought it to him. A cute tiny baby with a full glistening black hair just like his father.

“Congratulations Mr. Ezeama Chijioke” the doctor stretched out his hand.

” Thank you Doctor Charles” he clasped his hand.

“What shall he be called? I have chosen Desmond”

“I shall call him ‘Ekene’ because all thanks should be given to God.”

“Welcome to the world, Ezeama Chijioke Ekene Desmond” the doctor said.

The baby smiled as though he heard what they had said. And then he laughed, a cute cackling laughter.

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  1. gee dee (@GoldDebbie)

    Happy birthday in arrears,if am right. Lol..it’s an interesting story.

  2. Ezeama Chijioke Desmond (@Chijy)

    Yes you’re right @GoldDebbie.

    thanks for your comment.

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