In The Depth Of The High

In The Depth Of The High

He usually did not go out of the office, but he had just been truly pushed to the edge by his next line supervisor at work and presently felt like a pressure pot about to blow its’ top off. The office environment really irritated him, he needed to cool off, he told them he was going out for lunch as he picked up his car keys and headed out. Driving around would help him relax a bit. He drove past the mechanic compound down the road, and remembered the security guard at work saying that some good marijuana could be gotten there. An old habit he had dropped years ago beckoned, Maryjane songs played in his head, ‘Fuck it’ he thought to himself as he did a U-turn to the compound, drove straight in and looked around without being too obvious for the most shady looking characters. He spotted some almost immediately and beckoned with a nod. One of them came over, eyeing him suspiciously, careful not to get too close to the car. It suddenly occurred to him that he did not know what word to use, to disclose what he wanted to buy, ‘Igbo’ or ‘Weed’ would straight out sound awkward, so he just returned the cold stare and held up a One Thousand Naira note. Without a word the guy moved closer took the note and walked away. Seconds later another character walked by the car close enough to drop a nylon package into the car without stopping. He drove to the parking lot at Shoprite and chose a discreet corner, it was a weekday, so there was enough space. He opened the package, two already rolled up sticks, two tied smaller packages and a roll of Rizla. He turned up the air conditioning, lit a blunt, inclined the seat back a bit, and then started to fantasize about being able to beat the shit out of his next level supervisor right there in the office.

He was already feeling relaxed, when he saw the back of the dark blue Toyota Camry parking not too far from him, he did not need to see the number plate to know that the car belonged to his best friend’s wife, because he picked that special blue color for his friend whom wanted to buy a car for his wife. He was excited and was about to go and meet her, but then remembered that his current state would not be so presentable, so he stayed. His friend’s wife was still in the car ten minutes later, making him a bit worried that something might be wrong. He was about to come out and go to the car, when he saw another car approaching, he noticed the GPS device mounted on the dashboard and knew immediately that this was a cab. His friend’s wife stepped out of her car and waved at the approaching car and got in. ‘Okay, what the fuck could be going on?’ he thought to himself, he picked up his phone to call her, then thought against it. He looked at the time, he was half way into his break, and then noticed his fingers were twitching, ‘Oh no’ he thought, the marijuana was supposed to be helping him relax instead of raising his adrenaline level. Without thinking he started his car and followed the cab out of the parking lot at a safe distance. He followed the cab for about thirty minutes, going further and further out of town. He picked up his phone again thinking ‘What the fuck’ repeatedly, ‘was she being kidnapped? No, that was a cab. What am i doing? Why the hell am I following her? I should be back at the office by now, this is dumb, will turn back at the next U-turn’ he thought to himself. He got to the next U-turn and drove on, his eyes fixed on the tail of the cab, his palms sweaty on the steering wheel, ‘Will laugh about this later’ he thought to himself again.

The cab drove into some sort of resort that he happened to have never heard of. She got out and walked to a parked silver sedan, went straight to the passenger side and got in. Tinted glasses prevented him from seeing into the car. There was no activity for like five minutes, just as he was about to come out of his car, the doors of the silver sedan opened, his friend’s wife and a man he had never seen before came out and walked to the entrance. He was wondering who the man was or could be, when the man slipped an arm around his friend’s wife’s waist and then went on to slap her bottom. ‘That didn’t just happen’ he thought to himself ‘Breathe, breathe, breathe, there could be a logical explanation for this’ as he felt his blood pumping, he remembered a happy song from a movie about anger management and hummed. Just before his friend’s wife and the man entered the building they kissed. He picked up his phone and called the office and calmly told his assistant that he had a flat tire with no spare that he would be a bit late coming back to the office. He got out his car and walked into the building. His friend’s wife and the man were at the reception, obviously making accommodation arrangements, her back was turned to him, and the man saw him but only glanced at him briefly before looking back to the receptionist. He walked up to them, noticing immediately that his friend’s wife’s left hand placed on the desk still had both her wedding rings on. The man looked at him with a quizzed look. He asked the man calmly “You do know she’s a married woman?” The man looked at him and then at his friend’s wife, still with the quizzed look. His friend’s wife had turned around and had her hands over her face with shock and embarrassment. He asked the man again “You do know, she’s a married woman?” The man only opened his mouth to say something but no words came out. He turned to his friend’s wife and asked “Did you tell him, you are married?” She did not answer, but only appeared more distressed. The man places a hand on his shoulder “Mister, please…” That was as far as the man got, because he swung so fast connecting his elbow to the man’s jaw. He personally avoided violent encounters, and was last in a fight when he was in secondary school. But the blows that he dealt this fellow flowed like it was the right thing to do. The man went down to the floor, he looked at his friend’s wife, who had her eyes opened wide with shock and terror. He pointed to the door, she obeyed without a word and walked out the building, he looked at the man on the floor, trying to get himself together, then kicked him very hard in the stomach before walking out. Outside the building, his friend’s wife looking confused, had already walked past the gate, and was looking like she would walk all the way home. He got into his car and drove towards her, he stopped beside her and saw the fright on her face as she looked at him and not knowing what to do. He opened the passenger door, beckoning her to get in, which she did, she started to cry. He did not say a word as he drove back to the Shoprite parking lot. He dropped her off at her car and drove away without saying anything. He felt angry with himself that he had acted so violently and reflected on whether the situation could have played out differently. He picked up his half smoked marijuana, lit it, and drove back to work.

3 thoughts on “In The Depth Of The High” by Pius Ogum (@elpius)

  1. adams (@coshincozor)

    wow! very graphic! only the characters ain’t got names. i enjoy the use of the American English here. some typos though:
    “…blow its’ top off.” – its’ – whats the apostrophe doing there?
    “…his friend whom wanted to buy a car for his wife.” it should have been the subjective case “who” instead of “whom” considering the effect on the verb “wanted” and the infinitive “to buy”.

    i would love to read much more from you @elpius.

    1. adams (@coshincozor)

      I was wondering if the “highness” played any role in the story. so could say the title was a bit deceptive, derailing us from the predominant theme of “infidelity” and being a “brother’s keeper”.

    2. elpius (@elpius)

      Thank you for reading and the corrections, I actually wrote this on my way home from work and on my phone, no spell check and grammar. Thanks again. Then about the title, my thoughts, based on his reflection at the end of the story, the ‘highness’ made him violent. The characters with no names is an intentional twist I decided to play with. Thank you again

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