His Neighbour’s Window

His Neighbour’s Window

Tunde stood at his window that day like he did everyday and watched Shade’s window.

Every morning, it was blurry because of the mosquito net, and whenever the afternoon sun decide to show off its glory, he would only see the ray bouncing off the net again and even in the evening it was always so, but at night he had deviced a means to watch her.

Whenever, he was at home, his light was sure to be on and with that he noticed her curtain would be down. But whenever, he refused to put on the light- candle, lamp, or the bulb- her curtain was always rolled up.

Plump and beautiful, her stature always attracted his eyes to hover around her body. He always stared at her, and that went on for long and became a habit.
So, it wasn’t surprising when he entered his room that friday night and went straight to the window to watch her nakedness.
‘ Ah! God’, he moaned as she swirl her hair.
As if the whole house fell on him, a slap landed on his cheek. He screamed.
‘ Idiot! You are staring at a woman’s nakedness’, his girlfriend, who planned to give him a surprise visit, shouted.
‘ When? Where?’ He said and looked at the door. He had left it ajar.

He looked back at the window, the lady had covered it and she never opened it ever since.

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