Her Husbands (2)

Arewa was lost in worry. She was already twenty minutes late for work at her workplace in Victoria Island, and the bus heading to C.M.S had just taken off from mile two. She buried her small strikingly beautiful face in her hands, sighing and sighing.

“Yes? Your moni” came the ruffled hoarse voice of the haggard looking stubborn-faced bus conductor. Arewa looked around her and realized her purse had gone missing. Her eyes widened as she thought of the ten thousand five hundred naira she had put inside it. Her hands began shaking frantically, and her eyes began blinking like the desktop charger.

“Madam, your moni” the bus conductor was losing his patience.

“I’m so sorry. I can’t find my purse. But I swear, it was with me a while ago, I-”

“And how is it my business? Na me take your purse? Omo if you no geh moni comot for my motor”

Arewa looked helpless. Her eyes got misty.

“Kazeem stop this bus!” he yelled at the driver, hitting the bus with his knuckles. The vehicle halted to a stop.

“Madam come down abeg. I no be Father Christmas”

Just then, another man who seemed like he had reached his destination made to come out of the bus.

“And where do you think you’re going with that purse?” a lady sitting behind them, who had just been observing things, spoke.

The man froze, guilt visibly flooding his entire being. He made to jump out and take to his heels but the heavily built bus conductor was swifter, and caught him by the wrist

“Ogbeni drop the purse before I jam you slap”

And her purse was retrieved.

For the test of her journey, a grateful Arewa had chatted with her newly found friend who turned out be so nice. Her name was Ronke. She was a beautiful lady. She was very friendly, kindhearted, witty, and possessed an infectious smile. But then, a clueless Arewa couldn’t had seen that the devil kissed her hand on that fateful day, for Ronke would turn out to become the designer of the bomb that would blast her future into shreds.

It took only a matter of a few months before Ronke had taken total control control of Arewa’s will. Despite the warnings of her other friends, Arewa wanted to smile like her, sound like her, be like her. It was during that period that the bomb began to reveal itself.

She was dressed in the usual sex appealing style, one of the traits she had cultivated from Ronke amongst many others which featured watching pornography, and masturbation. The door creaked open, and an awe-inspiring man stepped in. He was clad in a gold robe, and he radiated like he was the son of the Sun. From a few steps away from the door mouth, he stopped, an rolled his feline eyes at Arewa, his lips bending in a charming smile that got Arewa smiling without knowing it. He had an irresistible handsomeness.

They had made love with intense passion.

And then she woke up. She found herself all messed up. She was confused.

“But it was a dream” she thought.”No it can’t be, otherwise I wouldn’t be this disheveled” she thought again. “But haven’t I just woken up?” she was puzzled. And when she couldn’t explain what had just happened, she washed up and drifted back into sleep, although worried-sick.

She told Ronke who had laughed sarcastically throughout the whole story, without a word.

An then he came again the following night. She had found herself wearing a gold crown as well as a gold robe. He came accompanied by a certain lady who looked like the queen of Euphoria. She was gleaming in the same apparel as the man’s, and hand in hand, they walked towards her, and then came a shocking discovery, the lady was Aderonke, her best friend.

That night, it was a threesome. The love making was very passionate, just as the previous. The fine man had said that he was Femi, the Prince of the Coast, and that she had become his new wife.

But then, Arewa woke up to the answer to her questions. Aderonke was a devil-sent who had been destroying her life. And then the word struck her. “She had become his new wife”. She had been married to a spirit spouse. Tears slid down her cheeks as she sobbed sore. What about Segun, her beloved with whom she was in a very serious relationship? She wept.

And Arewa bore children for the Prince of the Coast, even as she had been struggling to free herself from her attachments to the world beyond. Aderonke became her sworn enemy.

She had got married to Segun three years later, disregarding the warnings of Femi. But then, the next one year featured a fruitless union.

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