Down The Road Tis Cold And Dark

How much do I love thee
Let me count the stars
How well is my love deep
Let us ask my scars
Embedded right in my heart torn
This love, true I left has brought me scorn
A blessing or a curse i cannot yet fathom
Once upon a time, out of the heavens she fell through a hole in the cloud
With the gods as my witness, for her i would have weathered any storm
Inside her I found paradise through a hole and it was round
But alas this is a sad tale
One even the devil i dare say would not pray to tell
In the end even the seas could not drown my tears
As in vainthe rain tried to muzzle my fears
Like a fallen angel she dropped into town
And as a rising phoenix she left at dawn
Down the road tis cold and dark
With a bruised heart and a broken spirit i walk the path never looking back

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