A Frozen Dream

Like Halima, we are all vulnerable
in a state where everyone’s dream
is a frozen asset by the government.
Each time I see her, a dream is lost

and maybe you don’t why
a brilliant girl like her lost a dream
to become a mother of two at twenty

It started with her at noon
when we assembled
on the authority of the principal
informing us to prepare for the WAEC fee

Some were glad for the news
‘daddy would be happy to learn this’
A friend whispered my ear

For Halima, her story was different
some rainbows appeared in her eyes
then rain started falling down her cheeks

I knew she was alone in the world
I knew she was the best in her class
I knew she had a dream in her sleep

But since we were told to prepare for the payment
I would never see Halima until today
and it has been so many years

Whenever I see her, a dream is frozen
She is now a mother of two at twenty
And I imagined that government would have done
to make sure orphan like Halima secured a dream

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