The Harvest Season (7)

Adaeze stared at him, not knowing whether to embrace him or to take to her heels in the greatest possible speed. He smiled at her, but his usual charming smile was of no effect of significance as Adaeze’s stare remained blank and bland.

“My Sunshine, my heartbeat, my jewel, it is I, Ojadike, the drummer whose beats reckons with the delectable waists of the most fascinating ladies, that great entertainer whose fascinating rhythms transform the venoms of the snakes and scorpions into harmless juicy fluids. Yes, it is I, the only man with the rhythms that possess the capabilities of chasing sorrow and anxiety into the thickest forest where they would never find their way out to the open. It is I, my queen, the one you love and cherish, the one you desire and have come to seek, the one whose eyes see best how extraordinarily beautiful and valuable you are, I have come, my love, I have come.” He spread out his arms for an embrace.

“I won’t, evil spirit, never again will this body rest in those bedeviled arms!” Adaeze made to take to her heels. Even in his smile she could sense ingenuity, in other words danger; danger of her life. His eyes had turned red and veins were very visible all over his body. She turned to run, but he was swifter, he grabbed her firmly and whoosh, he was gone; gone with her to a dreadful place, a horrible place filled with people with blood-soaked razor-sharp canine-like set of teeth, one that stank of blood; human blood. Adaeze let out a deafening scream, which was backed up by the sinister laughter of the terrifying monsters.

2 thoughts on “The Harvest Season (7)” by Ezeama Ekene Desmond (@Chijy)

  1. Oluwaferanmi (@Oluwaferanmi)

    No,this is not happening.I pray its a dream

  2. Ezeama Chijioke Desmond (@Chijy)

    Same here @oluwaferanmi.

    thanks for your comment.

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