The Harvest Season (6)

The fear in the King’s heart heightened. He was visibly shaking, it seemed like he understood the meaning if the burning stare that was shot at him.

“Speak, O mouthpiece of the gods, for the children of the gods shall hear and obey the words of the gods till forever” his lower lips trembled as he spoke.

“O king of Obodoike, king of the Land of Strength, I should speak, you say?” his sarcastic tone sent cold shivers travelling down the King’s spine. At his pathetic sight, the Chief Priest choked in a laughter that soon died down.

“Speak, mouthpiece of the gods, we listen, speak we say” it was the Queen, her countenance clearly spelling out worry and fear. Worry about the King’s strange attitude, and fear of a bombshell which could, in no time, be let out by Ezemmuo, the Chief Priest; fear that the bad news would be about her missing daughter, Princess Adaeze. The Chief Priest cast a pitiful look at her and slowly shook his head.

“O my daughter! My beautiful daughter! Is this how you pass on to the great beyond? O my daughter!” the Queen had burst into lamentations, reading meaning into Ezemmuo’s pitiful look, and the shaking of his head. The palace maids joined in the wails, turning the palace into a noisome place. For a few seconds, the Chief Priest casted questioning looks at the noise makers.

“Silence! Silence! Or you provoke the wrath of the gods! I am yet to speak, and you already wail in your predictions”

“Out with it then, Chief Priest, out with it, for we lose our patience!” the Queen shouted.

All the while, the King had been there, quivering as though he had caught a cold, and lips trembling. It seemed like he would pee on his underpants.

“Has it not been said that the greedy eater shall dig his own grave with his teeth? It is the evil that men do that lives after them” Ezemmuo looked at the audience of questioning faces. His lips spread in a fearful smile.

“An evil that has been done is living after its perpetrator. And if this wicked soul does not appear at the shrine before noon tomorrow, this kingdom shall experience a more vicious suffering. This is the message of the gods.” Ezemmuo struck the ground with his staff as soon as he got up. And with another burning stare at the King, he stormed out of the royal palace.

The three warriors arrived a little while after Ezemmuo’s departure. The Queen had rushed to them to enquire about her daughter, and they had given her the disappointing news: They had not found her in Obodoegwu, and there was no Ojadike in Obodoegwu.

At their response, her vision gradually blurred, and her legs gradually lost strength, until her body kissed the floor, and she went into oblivion.

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    This story is taking forever before it is posted,it makes readers lose patience

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