Suicide is not an option

I sojourn in the midst of human race,
I dwell among foes as friends.
Even with them that treated me sadly.
So much love,
But none to share.
The kind of love that comes slowly,
But goes so fast.
Laughter is likened unto gold,
And cheerfulness unto rear gem

I became mighty by pen,
And not by sword.
For I am my father’s son
I prevailed over penury,
Having no cause to want.
But It’s getting dark in this little heart of mine.
All I hear is audible silence,
Whisperers of the nights.

As I sojourn in time,
I tasted all therein satisfying my vanity.
Yet my heart is on fire.
Terrestrial apathy taking a hold on me,
Craving celestial habitation.

On a quest for a happier life.
But suicide is not an option.
See, how the dead are forgotten,                                Only their works await them at the gate.           Indeed life goes on.
And you will be remembered
Little no more.
Life is life and life is for living.

10 thoughts on “Suicide is not an option” by Olawale Kelvin (@olawalekelvin)

  1. Most definitely, suicide is not an option. Good one. I really lapped up all your inkspills. More flow to your muse.

  2. Olawale Kelvin (@olawalekelvin)

    Thanks sir.

  3. Michael (@Ordeezy)


    1. Olawale Kelvin (@olawalekelvin)


  4. I am a poet but consolation came to me at the point I finished reading this poem because suicide is what I am thinking now. However, I am here reminded it’s not an option but what is the option? You left me unaided!

    1. Olawale Kelvin (@olawalekelvin)

      Thank you for the comment. The option is to continue living life and hoping for better days. Gracia

  5. Afolabi Muideen Adewale (@AfolabiMA)

    Asokoji, you laugh me. Olawale, you penned this poem with immense thought. Notwithstanding, there are many out there whom love others, but are unable to find love from others, imagine contrary to their expectation. Well, one who falls to this circumstance will continue living life and loving people. With aim that as time goes on one will fine love beyond one’s imagination. Excellent poem.

    1. Olawale Kelvin (@olawalekelvin)

      Thanks so much. Indeed it took me a lot thoughts and time. But it all worth it just to let people know that no matter what one is going through, suicide is not an option.

  6. Very wonderfully written right from the first word.
    I like the thought and arrangement of the entire piece
    Thumbs up
    kip it up bro

    1. Olawale Kelvin (@olawalekelvin)

      Thanks so much.

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